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Having been a hospice doctor and studied for a masters degree in pastoral theology (thoughts about God applied to real life), I’m passionate about questioning things people say about faith whenever they appear to jar with my life experience or that of my patients, clients or friends. One area in which that happens is shame, which is often ignored by the church, but shouldn’t be, and that’s an area of particular interest for me. There’s too much tragedy in the world to be satisfied with pat answers that don’t take account of people’s real life experience.

I hope you will find questions to ponder here, and that you will join in with my search for wisdom by following, commenting, and sharing!

Latest from my blog

On not going back to church

Lots of Christian friends I meet have not gone back to church yet, and I’m wondering why.    What is it? What is it that has so disturbed our souls in this pandemic that means the previous ways will no longer do? What are we reaching for? In what ways are in-person worship services now failing…

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The chain chinks as I wiggle the key in the bike lock. My finders are clumsy in the December cold. I dump my bag in the basket, and I’m off, slowly gaining pace in the late afternoon fog. As I emerge from side-streets to turn onto the main road to the hospital, I become aware that this…

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Reflection: Treehouse

Treehouse Suspended between reality and dreams, cedar walls breathe out their warm welcome – a scent from some Other place. Spider’s webs and dust motes allow a relieved settling into unsophistication. A garden chair, softly padded, receives me quietly. A match scratches, flares. A candle flame finds its balance. I settle to awareness. Leaves flutter,…

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