About me

Like most people I love stories. Over my life I’ve had the privilege of listening to so many people’s stories and learning from their life experience. I’ve gained in wisdom from people I’ve met when working in hospitals, in churches, in a hospice, in a drop-in for people with mental health problems. I’ve also learned much as I’ve brought up children, loved my husband, cared for parents with dementia, lived in Africa, faced life-threatening illness, suffered depression, been bullied at work, struggled with sexism..

But life’s not just about learning! It’s also about enjoyment. I love my garden, my home in the UK, my kind husband, my dog, the countryside, making music, cooking and laughing round the kitchen table with my children…

..and connecting with God is important to me. That helps me so much in making sense of life, though I still have plenty of unanswered questions.

I love to study: I thought when I qualified as a doctor those would be the last exams I took. How wrong I was! I’ve had the privilege since of taking a Masters in Pastoral Theology (that’s thinking about God applied to real life) and have recently completed study for a counselling diploma.

Mostly faith helps with navigating life, but sometimes, directions for life that we have absorbed from faith leaders don’t work well for us in our particular circumstances. We need then to wrestle with our questions and find a way that we as individuals can be faithful to God.

I hope the posts on my site will spark off your thinking and help a little as you work out the wise way to live your own life.