Reflection: Lockdown respite

stars hidden
silent snowfall
subduing all stirring
procrastination visits with this sunrise

stirring curtains
a shiver of expectation:

enchantment transfigures lockdown stupor
a doorway opens: childhood relived!
squirming with suppressed excitement, restrained - 
set free!
stamping on pristine precipitation
a thump of snowball
a shriek of retaliation
soft war
slipping off sledges
sussuration of snow angels
steaming laughter
rosy cheeks
grins of snowmen sharing ecstasy
stomping home.

Golden light welcoming
Fingers thawing
Mugs steaming
Gloves dripping
Fire toasting

Snowmen dissolve into dusk:
sentinels marking past delight

Thanksgiving - such thanksgiving!
for a shaft of hope in the smog of virus
a singing respite - a communal celebration
so precious in enforced solitude
Sabbath delight

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